We are excited to announce that SICOM GIN, has successfully gone live with the Azentio Health Insurance platform along with the mobile application to digitalize its health insurance business.

Azentio Health Insurance platform replaces SICOM GIN’s current health insurance IT system to further deliver upon its business objectives and strategy. The Azentio Health Insurance platform caters for new business, policy servicing, claims functionality, reinsurance, finance integration, finance receipting, including portal access for Customers, Intermediaries/Brokers, and service providers. The solution includes among other features, interfacing with the SICOM Group Portal, data migration and a mobile app release.

Expected Client Benefits

  • The Azentio Health Insurance platform supports pre-approvals and end-to-end claims management that allows SICOM GIN to reduce administration costs for previously outsourced support services.
  • The pre-configured core insurance solution is designed to optimise turnaround time for inhouse administrative activities, accounting, and reporting, thus allowing SICOM GIN to focus on their customer service.
  • The platform allows SICOM GIN to launch innovative products and solutions based on customer needs and hence strengthen its competitive edge.
  • Workflow-driven core insurance solution with mobile application which will assist SICOM GIN to become ‘digital by default’.
  • The inbuilt rating engine of the Health Insurance platform allows the creation of various products with specific risk ratings.

About SICOM General Insurance Ltd

The State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd (SICOM) stands proudly today as one of the leading insurance and financial companies in Mauritius. With an established presence in the economic landscape of Mauritius since 1975, SICOM Group presently includes the State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd (SICOM), SICOM General Insurance Ltd (SICOM GIN), SICOM Financial Services Ltd (SFSL), SICOM Global Fund Ltd and SICOM Management Ltd.

SICOM General Insurance Ltd (GIN) started its operations in July 2010, taking over the General Insurance Business which had until then been transacted under SICOM. SICOM GIN thus benefits from the legacy of more than 40 years’ experience and currently, transacts all types of general insurances.