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An Academy is not just a bunch of courses, it’s a place to learn, a place for experts to contribute, and a place to share and advance the state of knowledge.

Unlike any other academy, Azentio Academy is focused on building real business capabilities, yet doing it in a scalable, open, and ever-improving way. It serves a strategic function by integrating employee development as individuals, teams, and eventually as assets for the entire organization.

At Azentio, we understand the benefits of training our employees. Well-trained employees provide a better standard of service to clients, are more motivated and loyal. Indeed, there are established academic researches about the direct relationship between satisfied employees and satisfied clients which in turn leads to higher profits.

In addition to providing business and technical training for their jobs, we understand the further benefits of showing our employees that they are appreciated and valued by supporting their personal development. This can take different forms; we encourage our employees to go for academic qualifications. Employees with higher academic qualifications will be prime candidates for promotion. The support can range from time off to part time or complete funding. In other words, it’s not an L&D program, it’s a corporate investment – and it requires ownership and governance by business leaders, which We Do!

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Experts estimate 65% of kids starting primary school today will end up working in a specific job that doesn't exist yet. Technical, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills will be in demand in the future and you can prepare for this new reality with Azentio software.

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