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“We Give Back To Our Communities Through Our Business And People” – A core value every Azentian lives by! CSR is integrated in every aspect of our business - People, Products, Processes and Places!

Our employees voluntarily and as a part of our CSR program contribute to the wellbeing of various communities through their efforts and time. Partnering with institutions and non-profit organizations, we participate in the literacy and standard of living improvement programs in all our locations.

With our path-breaking software products we touch the lives of millions of people, enhancing their banking and insurance experiences mainly in remote rural areas, creating value by fostering financial inclusion, and reducing the carbon footprint in every step.

Our business and people processes are designed and constantly updated to stay ahead of the curve in an evolving marketplace, and aimed at reducing cycle times, improving cost efficiencies for making banking and insurance affordable and faster to larger communities with the help of our clients.

Our workplaces are designed to maximize the utilization of natural resources. Every workspace has its own oxygen generator through the number of live indoor plants available at each corner, maintained with in-house recycled water!

Investing in sustainability

Becoming greener and more sustainable is our top priority to creating a better future for all.

Partnering with charities

We build relationships with local charities to ensure we have a positive impact on the world around us.

Volunteering in the community

Volunteering is a regular activity performed by our team. It helps them connect with local communities in a meaningful way while improving team bonding.

Revamping workplace policies

We constantly work towards a better internal culture to improve our employees’ wellbeing, which will have a positive impact on our business.

Powering A Better World. The Impact Of Positivity.

Sathya KS, Global Head – Talent Acquisition

Sathya is associated with the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, a service organization in Tamil Nadu in Southern India.  As part of Grama Seva (Village Service), Sathya is closely connected with training undergraduates from villages who seek state jobs through public service exams. Sathya and his team of volunteers and professional teachers conduct trainings at a centre in remote villages.

At the onset of the program, Sathya’s team realised that the students had no time for breakfast at home, and the schoolgirls had no transport to commute. The team arranged meals at the training venue for all students and managed the logistics as well. About 32 girls and 22 boys have benefitted from this initiative.

Sathya and his team of volunteers provide warm blankets to the needy during the winter months. They scour the city late at night to identify homeless sleeping on roadsides, silently drape them with blankets and quietly leave the place. Every year, they distribute approximately 200 blankets to the homeless, old age homes and other orphanages.

Periodically, Sathya helps organize medical camps, blood donation camps, provides food to orphanages and the like. An active blood donor, Sathya has donated blood about 63 times!

Azentio Kochi steps up for a blood donation initiative

In a world where compassion is our currency, donating blood becomes our way of contributing to the wellbeing of others and giving back to our community. As part of our company’s CSR initiatives, Azentio team in Kochi organised a blood donation camp in association with Amrutha Hospital and HDFC Bank.

Every drop counts and so does the generosity of our team of donors who donated blood, giving hope and saving lives. Every day, there are millions of people in need of blood donations, and one single donation can save a life.

Blood donation is not just a mere act; it’s a powerful contribution that allows for blood transfusion as a life-sustaining and life-saving procedure. Blood is crucial in major surgeries, traumatic injuries, cancer patients, childbirth, severe anaemia, and various medical procedures.

This was certainly a memorable day for our team members who embraced this humane initiative and rushed as volunteers to empower lives by gifting their blood and supporting life-saving treatments. Their act of donating blood transcends the boundaries of individuality; it's a collective effort that unites communities, strengthens healthcare systems, and most importantly saves lives.


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Azentio triumphs at IBSi SLT 2024

Azentio Software, a leading BFSI software company, achieves global market leadership in 3 categories in the 2024 IBSi Sales League Table. Also secures 6 Leadership Club rankings.

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Azentio expands its leadership team

Aarthi Ramesh and Emma Foley join Azentio Software as key appointments, highlighting the company’s commitment to customer success and marketing excellence.

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BPM is now live with Azentio iMAL Business Intelligence


BPM live with iMAL Business Intelligence

Azentio Software has launched iMAL Business Intelligence for Banque Populaire de Mauritanie, a major financial institution in Mauritania, enabling faster and more effective decision-making.

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