Our Unwavering Commitment To An Equal Opportunity Employer.

We bring people together from around the globe from all walks of life, from different genders, backgrounds, countries, and races to form One Azentio.

We are an equitable employer in that we understand and respect the potential of all our team members, and thus cultivate tremendous value from what makes every Azentian unique. 

We believe that diversity benefits the company because it leads to a creative workforce with various skill sets.

Disruptive innovation and insights that come from our people’s differences enable us to stay atop our market and are the key drivers of our success.

Let’s Grow Together.

This is how we create an inclusive workspace.

Close alignment with our core values and principles
Sensitization sessions on cultural integration
Everyone is welcome to voice his/her opinion
Prioritizing our workforce enablement
Leveraging the creativity of our people

Where Inclusive Growth.

We develop ways to expand our diversity and inclusion efforts to include more groups who face challenges in employment.




Global Offices






Voices Of Inclusion.

Rohitash Mahajan
Director - Financial Planning & Analysis, India

Azentio communicates and visibly embraces its commitment to multivariate forms of diversity, in building connections across our staff, builds employee resource groups, fostering a sense of community and belonging and has a zero-tolerance policy on discriminatory behaviour.

Nikita Ashar
Lead - Business Analyst, India

Creating a truly diverse company does come with a handful of challenges, but Azentio aims at creating work environments characterized by inclusive leadership and accountability among managers; fairness, and equality of opportunity, candor and freedom from bias and discrimination at every level.

Lamiaa Elkholy
Senior Copy Editor, UAE

I am proud to be an active member of Azentio Women ERG, Culture ERG, Lean In Mentoring, Wellness Program, Employee Experience, and Art & Fun initiatives at Azentio. By taking part in these groups, we are creating a sustainable growth and long-term value that will benefit all stakeholders – employees, shareholders and the wider society.

Nadim Saab
Senior Branding Manager, Lebanon

Of all the many things that I appreciate about working at Azentio, I think each day I get to work with like-minded colleagues, especially those in my department, whose pursuit of excellence in their work inspires and fortifies me. Doing so comes easily because Azentio strives continuously to ensure employees excel in both their professional and personal lives.

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