Case Study

How a leading financial institution successfully meets its digitalization and risk management objectives


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A leading financial institution

Line of Business

Financial Services


Azentio ONEBanking Digital Lending & Analytics


Centralised deployment


How This Product Satisfied Our Client Needs.

Successful roll-out the unsecured lending solution

Minimal manual Intervention with STP-based processes

Capability to prioritize customers, based on their value at risk

Advanced optimization frameworks to control costs and manage team capabilities

Assisted or self-onboarding, using digital platforms for existing or new clients

Quick decisioning with instant credit scoring capabilities

Risk prevention with connectivity to fraud and ID services

Improved user experience with comprehensive adoption of digitalization

Optimised customer communication strategies, using advanced BI features

Use case-based analytics to run and manage the applications


A leading financial institution wanted to expand its business reach as well as diversify revenue sources through its chosen customer segments.






Solution Highlights

The financial institution was able to meet its objectives with Azentio ONEBanking Digital Lending platform, used in tandem with Azentio ONEBanking Analytics. For the first phase of implementation of the project, the financial institution decided to launch Unsecured Lending solution. To arrive at the most optimized solution, which would offer fast and efficient loan application process to their customers, the financial institution and Azentio teams conducted multiple sessions reviewing and validating the journey for the customer.

With its advanced analytical models, Azentio ONEBanking Analytics helps generate best pre-approved offers for its customers, while Azentio ONEBanking Digital Lending supports quick decisioning with instant credit scoring capabilities. These tools check the customer’s credit score, combined with several parameters defined uniquely as per the institution’s rules and policies.

Supported by user-friendly configurations, automated credit decisioning by Azentio ONEBanking Digital Strategy Box and Azentio ONEBanking Digital Lending, the financial institution can now provide loans with straight-through processing (STP) for most of the eligible customers. For customers, who are not eligible for STP, the system redirects the application to the institution’s users for underwriting and decisioning.

The detailed planning mutually carried out by both the teams at Azentio and the financial institution, along with the routine steering committee and daily scrum meetings, ensured efficient and smooth implementation and no major issues post Go-Live.


Highlights Of The Implemented Solution.

Advanced analytics to generate best pre-approved offers

Uniquely defined parameters as per the client’s policies

Automated credit decisioning and user-friendly configurations

Improved automation with STP-based processes

Optimised strategies to reduce risks

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML) tools to host scorecards


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