Orion™ Warehouse Management System

Why Orion™ for WMS?

Our robust ERP solution understands the business challenges that come with warehouse management for Wholesale, Manufacturing, and Retail industries. With end-to-end system features to help you benefit from 3PL support, reduced operating costs, faster inventory turnover, stock control, and increased productivity, there are more than enough reasons for you to consider opting for Orion™ WMS offerings.

Our Solution, Your Benefits

Expandable / modular / scalable
to accommodate future business growth

Integration with advanced
radio frequency and barcoding technologies

Device support
(mobile or fixed)

Ability to interface with
any ERP system

Client Success with Orion™ WMS

Leading global hardware retailer with more than 50K SKU’s achieved 25% improvement in storage efficiency and 40% increase in pick velocity with 99.9% stock accuracy with Orion™ WMS.

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