Distribution Management System (DMS)

Unified Management of Channels for Effective Distribution Performance

Modernize your distribution strategy with Distribution Management System (DMS)

Your distribution strategy is key to growing your business. Providing a single, scalable platform delivering speed, improved information management and modern technology to your agents and brokers is vital for both business growth and improving operational efficiency. Digitalizing distribution channels ensures a more rapid expansion of your distribution network, greater speed to market and an efficient multi-channel strategy.

Azentio announces the launch of a Distribution Management System (DMS) a cloud-based solution enabling insurers to digitalize the distribution channels, ensure a more rapid expansion of your distribution network, and implement an efficient multi-channel strategy. The product comprises four main modules:

  1. Ability to manage channel partners effectively
  2. Performance management for monitoring the sales performance of corporates
  3. Compensation management for managing commission/incentives and pay-out schedules
  4. Finance management for tracking compensation at the transaction level

Significant reduction in cost
of distribution management

Enhanced ability to attract
and retain partners

Improved time to market for
the launch of innovative contests/incentives

Ease of aligning Salesforce
to company strategy

Improved time to market for the launch
of new channels/partners

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