In our webinar on Scaling Up of Sales Process, Azentio’s ERP experts shared their valuable insights on the latest and most efficient practices to improve sales processes.

The speakers provided an overview of the various sales processes across industries and explained the different steps involved. They also spoke about the most common challenges faced by enterprises and explained they ways in which these can be overcome. The webinar shed light on important sales strategies and nuances that are proven to increase sales. The speakers provided an in-depth analysis of ways to scale-up sales processes and the most successful sales trends that are emerging in the market.

The webinar presented an overview of Orion™11j sales automation tools, how it can help enterprises to automate their day-to-day processes effortlessly and bring business transformation. The speakers also spoke in-detail about Orion’s advanced ERP applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Orion’s business intelligence stack (OBIS) and Orion process automation (OPA) that help improve the efficiencies and provide business insights.

The Panelists:

  • Dhinesh P, Product Vertical Head – Trading, Retail & Distribution, Orion™ ERP
  • Sureshkumar Narayanan, Product Head – Orion™ ERP