Re-Imagining Services Experience with Azentio Case Management Solutions


For over a century, our client has been at the leading front of the insurance industry in Singapore; offering health protection and financial security across the region. Being one of the early players, and the most established life insurance service providers, the company succeeded in attracting more than 10 million policyholders, offering insurance solutions to customers in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Our client utilizes different distribution channels such as captive agency force, bancassurance, and financial advisory firms. Its eWMS system is an inhouse case management solution, which has basic features, and an IBM FileNet content repository. Our collaboration aimed at automating the processes in accordance with the dynamic requirements of its different products across lines of businesses, while streamlining the costs and time involved. By implementing Azentio’s Case Management Solution, the company was able to achieve its objective to bring all of its departments under one unified case management solution and upgrade the IBM FileNet.

Challenges Faced
  • Case initiation was limited to scanned document or manual entry
  • Only the customer service team has rule-based case distribution, while bew business and claims still have manual case distribution and allocation
  • “Alert” or “Diary Reminder is not multichannel or enabled with actions
  • Risk assessment is a challenge due to lack of consolidated information from different systems
  • The correspondence system is external to the case manager, and limited only to emails
  • Lack of a front-end screen to visualize the reports, dashboards, plus they are not real-time enabled
  • Lesser visibility on the case processing, without a view to the core system updates or specific aspects of the process
  • The existing solution is driven by IT with limited control for business managers to adapt it to business needs such as:
    • Managing a larger number of cases
    • Changing worklist views for greater productivity
    • Enabling better decision making through core system integrations.
Solution Implemented

Azentio identified some of the key requirements, which included complex case distribution, email and letter generation, process customization, connecting with dual content repository for easy retrieval. This function was not workable with the IBM case management solutions.

Uniqueness of The Project:

Azentio offered an effective case management solution, which can support a process based on the impact on operational excellence, and long-term growth, duration and cost:

  • Automation of business processes for New Business (NB), Life Claims (LC), Health Services (HS), Customer Service and Policy Process Department (CS & PPD) business units using out-of-the-box capabilities.
  • Integration of Case Management solution with the following systems; Policy Servicing Systems – Financial Performance Management System (FPMS) and LifeAsia (AS400); Claims Management Systems – Financial Performance Management System (FPMS), Managed Care System (MCS) for health, G400 and Group Multiple Benefit Scheme (GMBS) for Life; Agency Query Management Systems – ePartner; Customer Query Management Systems – eConnect, cCentric, GMBS Portal and the upgrade of IBM FileNet.

Key Features of The Solution:

  • Multi-channel application intake – standard processes to manage physical submission, electronic submission with auto-registration capabilities
  • Smart task distribution – built-in algorithms to optimize task allocation, and distribution of case based on department requirements with both round robin and custom defined rules (role or user level)
  • Milestone communication – integrated correspondence, and email module with case manager to send updates to agent/customer or internal/external parties
  • Audit capturing; end-to-end audit by capturing manual, and auto events in a centralized repository with configurable permission controls
  • Proactive pending management, reminder capability on cases to improve turnaround time for NON STP cases
  • SSO enabled login and search UI for closed/completed cases
  • Dual repository
  • Bulk decision on cases.
Key Benefits

The key business benefits achieved by implementing Azentio’s Case Management Solution include:

  • Workflow-based automation and summary screens (e.g. claim memo, UW worksheet), smart case routing based on document type to enhance productivity up to 25% – 30%, while also improving the overall turnaround time
  • Agents/customers notified through the customer journey at respective milestones, thereby providing better transparency and effective communication
  • Process standardization with comprehensive audit and built-in validations ensure greater accuracy and compliance with below 8% error rate
  • Rule-driven reminders help track pending cases -minimizing potential business loss and providing an improved customer experience
  • Seamless communication within/outside department (handshake between departments) improves the overall turnaround time.
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