In our webinar on “Overcoming Challenges Faced by Insurers in Automation”, Azentio’s Insurance expert, Romil Turakhia, shared his valuable insights on key challenged insurers face in their digital transformation agenda. He spoke about the problems, what causes them and how to overcome these automation challenges to have a successful implement programme to fit their growing needs.

A few key challenges Romil touched upon included the expensive uncertainties faced by insurers when they start out on an automation programme. They face uncertainties with respect to time, effort, cost, knowledge, and return of investments. He spoke about the constantly changing market dynamics, regulatory environment, and even the needs of the insurer.

Romil provided an in-depth analysis on how Cloudflow can increasingly offer a ready-to-go digital solutions that can easily integrate with different IT systems to help our customers to be more efficient, agile, and go-live faster.

He spoke about how Cloudflow is the world’s first out-of-the-box Intelligent Automation SAAS platform for insurance processes with an Underwriting Workbench, rules, comprehensive processes, smart reports and dashboard, all preconfigured and ready-to-go. It has been designed to go-live in 90 days, with only 4 people from the client organisation, and best-of-breed technology that is regularly upgraded.

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The Expert

  • Romil Turakhia, Head of Product Management and Product Engineering- Insurance