The 3rd edition of the UK WealthTech Landscape Report 2022 of The Wealth Mosaic (UK WTLR 2022) is now live featuring 725+ solution providers and eleven thought-provoking articles from solution providers on contemporary technology themes relevant to the UK market. The goal of the UK WTLR 2022 is to showcase the depth, breadth, and growing range of technology and related solution providers available to the wealth management community within the UK.

As the estimated worth of the global RegTech market will rise to US$33.1 billion by 2026, in comparison to a figure of approximately US$5.31 billion in 2019, an investment management solution should not just be looking at managing the actual rules and then applying them. It also needs to leverage technologies to provide advanced ‘what-if’ scenario analysis. With this, the solution can warn well ahead of a potential breach so that a change of course can be set to predict and manage risks.

The report features an insightful article by our Director of EMEA Sales for Banking & Capital Markets Solutions, Abhijeet Singh Hazare titled “Embedded RegTech: Applying tech and compliance functions to future-proof your investment management business”, in which he describes RegTech’s main regulatory functions that help businesses act by the regulations. Click here to access the full article.

Also, we are happy to be included among the leaders in UK WealthTech directory for our world-class Wealth & Asset Management solution. MFund Plus™ full profile is accessible here.

To read and download the UK WTLR 2022 report, click here. Alternatively, please click on the image below.

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