Orion™ ERP for F&B Trading

Benefits For Your Business

Get A Grip Over Prices
Maintain pricing & discount programs across customer groups with single entry updates and simplify marketing.
Monitor Credit With Ease
Sales volume skewed towards month end puts tremendous pressure on optimal resource utilization. In addition, the logistics partners, with limited understanding of F&B distribution, are often not in a position to offer economies of scale. Counter it with an ERP equipped to manage credit risk.
Schedule Deliveries With Tap of A Finger
Set up distribution routes, plan delivery, manage fleet of vehicles, control weight and volume limitations, as well as prepare sales invoices.
Take Calculated Risks
Track stock, analyze aging, plan orders, and comply with statutory requirements – all of it with a robust, integrated ERP designed to manage risks associated with a complex supply chain.

Orion™ as a Market Leader

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