We are delighted to announce that Masharie, a Dubai-based venture capital company focusing on mergers and acquisitions through strategic equity partnerships with a diversified and balanced portfolio of assets, and a subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC has selected Azentino’s Software Orion™11j in line with the company’s efforts towards implementing a complementing growth strategy, benefiting its 9 entities, operating across varied sectors.

Azentio’s Orion™ offers Masharie Group a broad range of solutions consisting of modules and features inclusive of, but not limited to, manufacturing, contracting, and trading & distribution management suites. The deliverables provide key benefits such as Group-level implementation and control, Group consolidation, single comprehensive solution for manufacturing entities operating in heterogeneous verticals, and best business practices at Group level, amongst other such perquisites.

This deal holds strategic value for Orion™’s team being a group-wide key implementation project sealed in recent times.

Founded in 1998, Masharie LLC is a private equity firm based in Dubai, UAE. The firm is a subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC, one of the Gulf’s investment companies that focuses on mergers and acquisitions through strategic equity partners.

More on Masharie can be found here https://www.dubaiinvestments.com/en/businesses/direct-investments/masharie/