Universal Banking Solution

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Azentio’s Kastle™ is an end-to-end banking solution suite that enables banks to continually redefine themselves. Kastle™ caters to the entire spectrum of banking functions – lending, core banking, treasury, trade finance, anti-money laundering and integrated risk management. Coupled with digital banking and analytics, Kastle™ is a force multiplier for banks and financial institutions.

Kastle™ Universal Banking Solution

KASTLEAn enterprise wide solution, Kastle incorporates best-in-class banking practices, consolidated and upgraded based on successful global implementations. Kastle helps banks innovate new products, enhance their speed-to-market, improve process efficiencies and deliver superior customer experiences.

What makes Kastle™ unique

  • Powerful workflow engine enabling compliance
  • Highly parameterized and dynamic rules engine
  • Multi-tiered modular architecture ported on a wide range of platforms/application servers
  • Seamless development and rapid deployment of new products
  • Multi-level comprehensive security with role-based access privilege
  • Complete flexibility in creating and editing multiple financial templates and risk models

Business Advantages with Kastle™

  • Helps centralize operations and transaction information, automate core processes, and streamline advanced banking functions
  • Parameterized application that enables financial institutions to respond to market changes easily and quickly
  • Empowers financial institutions with a tool to manage relationships and risks and to achieve their goals
  • Smarter decision-making based on advanced risk analytics of critical risk factors
  • Reduced turnaround time to go live with improved data quality by using the data validation utility engine
  • Domain-driven with industry expertise

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