Enterprise Resource Planning has revolutionised the way businesses function over the years. From automating back-office operations to streamlining multiple business processes, ERP has served as a complete business solution and helped companies significantly improve their ROI. However, off late mobile ERP systems are beginning to gain popularity in the small-to-medium business landscape. A recent report revealed that India ranks highest in terms of organisational technical capability to support mobile work styles amongst other countries. 83% Indian organisations can technically support mobile work styles, as compared to the global average of 57%.

While mobile devices like laptops, smart phones and tablets make it possible to work on the go, employees can now use ERP mobile apps on their mobile devices to take advantage of business capabilities and insights irrespective of their geographical location.

Here are five ways mobile ERP systems benefit organisations:

1. Enhanced service quality

By gaining access to relevant information through a mobile ERP system whenever required, employees can provide timely, high-quality services to customers. Managers can authorise payments, grant approvals to work orders and monitor their teams at all times. Even the field sales force can access mobile CRM applications to obtain customer information and understand the profitability of a deal through finance and manufacturing data.

2. Improved enterprise productivity

Enabling employees to use the ERP software when they are out of office through their mobile device can help get work done in places where they may otherwise be wasting time. This ensures that employees are productive even when they are not physically present in the workplace.

3. Develop lasting business relationships

Mobile ERP systems empower customer-facing employees with in-depth information about previous interaction with the customer. Having this information at their fingertips helps employees reduce response time and strengthen business relationships. Good customer service goes a long way in building a strong brand name and credibility.

4. Gain a competitive edge

The ability to deliver real-time insights, on-the-spot to service critical client accounts helps organisations gain an advantage over their competitors. For instance, if a client needs a quote immediately, the sales person can quickly access the finance module of the mobile ERP system to view other quotes and provide a ballpark estimate to the client.

5. Accurate data capture

Mobile ERP software makes it easy for workers to enter relevant data precisely as they gather it on-site without re-keying the data into back-end systems. This eliminates the potential risk of data entry errors.

Today, organisations are majorly populated with millennials who rather than adhering to procedures dictated by enterprise systems, prefer defining how those processes should be implemented and accessed. The demand for greater agility as well as opportunities for competitive advantage have never been greater. By using mobile ERP systems, organisations can equip their new-age, tech-savvy employees with a rich source of information that they can access at their convenience, leading to enhanced productivity and organisational profitability.