Orion™11j helps increase workflow compliance by 100% for a leading security and commercial printing company in Africa


The client’s business revolves around commercial printing and are also a market leader in gold refining process. The products and services by the client are known to be of very high international standard quality.

Company Snapshot:

Sector: Manufacturing
Regional presence: Africa
Customer since: 2021


The customer needed improved ERP support to cope up with their increasing scale of operations. The client faced many operational challenges with their existing ERP system, such as:

  1. Data collection and processing through Excel sheets
  2. One-dimensional approach to business processes
  3. Lack of co-ordination between sales and accounts receivable team
  4. Lack of informative and flexible reporting
  5. Need for faster workflow methodology

Orion™11j implementation was completed in just 5 months and went live in July 2021. The new solution consisted of the following modules and features:

  • Purchase, Sales, Inventory and Financial Management
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Bank Reconciliation Management
  • Workflow Management System
  • Report Generation tool

The client needed several specific features and controls to ensure compliance to regulations. Every document undergoes multiple levels of reviews and approvals. Therefore, different levels of access were given to different personnel to make sure that the workflows remain smooth.

More than 80 workflows were configured for the client. This included batch control for printing ink & paper to the inventory module to increase the stock visibility and ensure on-time replenishment. Another notable feature was the customized document prints that were informative with well-defined formats.

  1. Increased workflow compliance by 100%
  2. Increased process control on account receivables and payables by 100%
  3. Digitized Fixed asset process by 100% and linked with procurement module
  4. Reduced time consumption by 50% through automating the manual processes
  5. Faster access to reports
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