Orion™ ERP solution enables Age Intrade LLC to adhere to the latest e-invoicing regulations in the Middle East


Established in 1974, Age Intrade LLC is a leading GCC steel import, stockist, trade and distribution company in the Middle East region. Over the past three decades, they have built solid partnerships with the world’s premier suppliers and processors in the steel industry, allowing them to offer a wide range of competitively priced products to serve the regional construction, IWP (Infrastructure, Water & Power) and Oil & Gas industries.

Company Snapshot:

Company: Age Intrade LLC
Sector: Manufacturing
Regional Presence: Middle East


Age Intrade LLC needed improved ERP support to cope with the increasing scale of operations. The client faced many operational challenges with their existing system, such as:

  1. Need for e-invoicing
  2. Lack of manufacturing processes
  3. Lack of process tracking
  4. Need for complete process flow capturing

Orion™11j implementation was completed in just 3 months and went live in December 2021. The new solution consisted of the following features:

  1. Manufacturing Suite
  2. E-Invoicing Solution
  3. Mobility
  4. Payroll Processing – Finance Integration

Age Intrade LLC gained significant benefits from the Orion™11j implementation, including:

  1. Automated e-invoicing
  2. Swift and timely implementation
  3. Proper tracking of manufacturing processes
  4. Ability to capture the full flow in manufacturing
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