Orion™ 11j helps Nuplas Industries reduce turnaround time in manufacturing process by 60%


Nuplas Industries Ltd., a leading manufacturer of PVC Films, Thermoforming and Stationery Products in the Middle East since 1997, exporting 90% of its production, meeting stringent quality standards across nations. The company has attained rapid growth in recent years by expanding their footprint beyond Middle East with warehousing and distribution facilities in West and South Africa.

Company Snapshot:

Company: Nuplas Industries Limited
Sector: Manufacturing
Regional presence: ME


As Nuplas Industries grew, improved ERP support was needed to cope up with the new scale of operations for the enterprise. The client needed key enhancements, such as:

  1. Improved production processes
  2. Informative and flexible reporting
  3. Document Management System (DMS)
  4. Faster workflow methodology
  5. Business Analytics
  6. Enhanced Material Requirement Planning (MRP)/ Master Production Schedule (MPS) processes
  7. Process automation in Master-Child production and cost tracking
  8. Efficiency/output tracking for individual machineries

The implementation of Orion™11j was completed in just six months, having gone live in January 2021, with the program managed entirely offshore during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several modules were provided to improve efficiency and manage scale, including:

  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Payroll
  1. Reduced turnaround time in manufacturing process by 60%
  2. Reduced multiple work-order preparation time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes
  3. Reduced manufacturing stages from 3 transaction flow stages to 2 for 13 different manufacturing flows
  4. Improved system efficiency by 50%
  5. Reduced error rates with improved data transparency
  6. Barcode enabled – Label printing and direct output reading from weight machine to Orion™11j system.
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