Al Huraiz Establishment increases their system efficiency by 50% with Orion™11j ERP Suite


Ever since its inception Al Huraiz Est. has grown three folds and now stands as a leading group diversifying into a wide range of business activities. Al Huraiz’s business interests include manufacturing of water heaters, aluminium cookware, LPG & Freon gas cylinders, LPG bottling and real estate activities. The company exports its products to various parts of the GCC, Africa and former Russian countries.

Company Snapshot:

Company: Al Huraiz Establishment for Industry
Sector: Manufacturing
Regional presence: Middle East


The client’s business grew and expanded to other verticals such as property leasing and management and needed an improved ERP to cope up with their growing needs. The key enhancements included:

  1. Supporting their complete business process
  2. Additions of new verticals to existing processes
  3. Informative and flexible reporting tool
  4. Decision support tools
  5. Process flow optimization

Orion™11j was implemented in just four months and went live in August 2021 streamlining the process of transaction approval through mail/workflow. Customized document print options enabled the customer to generate document prints in their desired formats. Scrap tracking methodologies helped the customer to track their scraps and optimized usage.

The major modules provided to the client were:

  • Manufacturing
  • Contracting
  • Property management
  • Payroll
  • Retail & Distribution
  • Real Estate – Operation and Finance Process Refinement
  • Integrated Document Management System
  1. Increased the accuracy of report generation by 25%
  2. Improved system efficiency by 50%
  3. Reduced error rates with improved data transparency
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