A leading IT product distributor uses Orion™11j to reduce processing time by 80%


As the leading distributor of quality IT products to the Middle East and North Africa, the client’s extensive portfolio includes leading global brands such as Juniper, Microsoft, and McAfee, reaching out to over 3,500 resellers across more than 25 countries throughout the MENA region.

Company Snapshot:

Sector: Distribution
Regional presence: Middle East


The client had been experiencing major difficulties in sales flow management. Some of the crucial challenges faced by the client were:

  1. Creating customer credit reports and integrating them with their sales flow system.
  2. Need for integration of Account Receivables provisioning into their processes.
  3. Need for Aramex integration in their goods receipt processes.
  4. Need for automatic stock reservation in case of back-to-back orders.

Orion™11j, a comprehensive ERP solution, went live successfully to meet the business needs of the client.
The new solution consisted of the following modules and features:

  1. Sales Module
  2. Purchase Module
  3. Inventory Module
  4. Finance Module
  5. Aramex WMS Module integration
  6. Workflow Email feature.

The client gained significant benefits from implementing the solution, including:

  1. Reduced processing time by 80% through integrated reports.
  2. Lower costs by 60%.
  3. Individual batch costing.
  4. Automatic stock reservation for back-to-back orders.
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