Beyontec Suite

The insurance system of the future

Insurers Using Beyontec Suite

Beyontec Suite is a future-ready, workflow-driven insurance system that can meet the growing and dynamically changing needs of the insurance industry. Backed by a powerful business rule engine, Beyontec Suite enhances process efficiency, enables faster go-to-market for new products, increases premium income, and improves underwriting results.

Beyontec Suite Core Solutions

A fully developed, highly configurable, real-time, multi-line administration system
for the property & casualty insurance.

What Makes Beyontec Suite Unique?

Cloud-based: Scalable and secure cloud-based deployment
Workflow driven: With the ability to create and manage business processes and queues dynamically
Rating engine: Simple rating definitions to support complex rating criteria, with reusable logic definitions
Business rule engine: Simple rules definition using business-like terms for specific markets and to meet regulatory norms
60+ Configurable tools: Configurable tools that are optimised for performance and to meet specific business needs
Shrink-wrapped solution: Faster implementation with pre-configured products, reports and rating engine for faster implementation

Key Advantages of Beyontec Suite

• Scalable and secure cloud-based deployment
• Pre-configured for specific markets with statutory and regulatory compliance
• Workflow-driven automated processes to proactively manage workflows
• Powerful configuration capabilities to meet specific business needs
• Faster implementation

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