SINGAPORE, June 7, 2022 – Azentio Software (“Azentio”), a Singapore-headquartered technology firm owned by funds advised by Apax Partners, is pleased to announce it has progressed across multiple categories in the Global Banking Platform Deals Survey 2022, published by leading research and advisory firm Forrester.

An overview of the survey’s key findings was provided in Forrester’s recent webinar, ‘How Banks Can Use The Emergence Of New-School Vendors To Ease Transformation’, hosted by Forrester’s Vice President and Principal Analyst, Jost Hoppermann. The survey included digital banking platform vendors’ relative market positions, dynamics in various geographies, and the competition between incumbent digital banking platform vendors and their younger, new-school kins. To conduct the survey, the firm collected and analyzed more than 3,700 deals signed in 2021 by 32 regional and international vendors.

According to the survey, Azentio has made steady progress in the Global Vendor Pyramid, with an increase namely in the ‘New Named Deals’, ‘Extended Business’ and ‘Combined Deals’.

In the ‘New Named Deals’ category, Azentio moved up a level and was identified as a ‘Regional Pursuer’ with more than 10 new named deals in two to three regions. In the ‘Extended Business’ category, the company has been recognized as a ‘Major Cross Seller’ with more than 15 counted deals in two to three regions. While in the ‘Combined Deals’ category, Azentio progressed to the ‘Major Players’ status given to vendors signing more than 25 deals in two to three regions, further improving, in Azentio’s view, its strategic presence and broadening its footprint in these regions.

Tony Kinnear, Chief Executive Officer of Azentio, commented, “Forrester’s recognition of the progress that Azentio has made in the last 12 months is a tribute to the incredible dedication and expertise of our people and the trust that our clients have placed in us. We remain< intently focused on investing in our products and people, and continually improving our service delivery in order to help our clients across Asia, Middle East and Africa compete and thrive in an increasingly competitive market.”

Forrester’s unique insights are grounded in annual surveys of more than 675,000 clients worldwide, with rigorous and objective methodologies, creating new market-makers and reshaping industries.