A leading insurer in Thailand has gone live with Azentio™ Insurance’s digital policy servicing and digital claims transactions solutions helping bring basic automation and ensuring their team can perform their daily operations from home during the pandemic. The solution is built for the modern digital customer and integrates several channels through which they might interact with the insurer.

The digital policy servicing and digital claims transaction solution comprises communication channels including mobile apps, smart portals, social media interfaces, unified messaging and virtual assistant/chatbot.

The solution brings increased efficiencies through workflows, RPA, and event-based notifications. The workflows include the Endorsements process for both financial and non-financial transactions, automated pay-outs along with digital tools for customers including a Policy Simplifier that helps customers understand their benefits better.

A key aspect of this solution is the AI and business rules based Fraud Detection engine that assists in claims assessment, and intelligent analytics & reports with business insights.

With this programme going live, the insurer can expect turnaround time and operational processes to increase by up to 70%.

A key aspect of this programme is that this project was time sensitive and was delivered with the highest quality 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

For more information please contact Vipul.Sud@azentio.com.