Complimentary Webinar

Automating Profit Distribution – Increasing Productivity and Sharia Compliance

11:00AM KSA on Wednesday, June 01, 2022
by Nauman UL Hassan – Product Manager – Product Strategy and Management

Profit calculation and distribution are critical functions that impacts Islamic bank’s reputation and market share. They require complex calculations and financial postings which, if not automated, become a stressful and error-prone activity!

In this webinar, our subject matter expert will highlight how
Azentio understands the current business challenges faced by Islamic banks
and what is the solution that effectively addresses the complex
profit sharing and distribution requirements of Islamic Banking.

Join us for this webinar and get more insights on:
  • How Islamic Banks can systematically manage the restricted and unrestricted funds Whether they are planning to launch new products or planning to bring variants in their existing products.
  • How the solution provides flexible parameters to design products be it under Musharakah, Mudarabah, and Wakalah contract.
  • How the built-in Sharia modes come with their unique parameters and controls, shifting the Sharia compliance burden from users to system.
  • How Islamic Banks can harness the power of Azentio solution by launching new products without requiring contacting us, giving Islamic Banks a faster go-to market capability.
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