Financial Crime Detection and Management Solution

Countries with Amlock™ Implementations

Azentio’s Amlock™ Financial Crime Detection and Management protects financial institutions with fail-safe cutting edge technology. Amlock™ is compliant with KYC, Transaction Monitoring and Regulatory Reporting, assisting banks in detecting and managing money laundering transactions.

Amlock™ Core Solution

The functionality of Amlock is beneficial for every banking unit. We believe the product must be adaptable, easy to use and 100% genuine and that is exactly what we provide.

What makes Amlock™ unique

  • The Online Screening against sanction lists during customer onboarding
  • Configurable risk assessment model based on entity type
  • Alert risk scoring to prioritize alerts
  • Alerts Library with over 150+ scenarios and Rule Builder to create user defined alerts
  • Alerts suppression using rules and analytics
  • Smart alert assignment based on branch, scenario, and customer group, among others
  • Specific Alerts to safeguard your remittance transactions involving high-risk countries
  • Protects organisations from suspicious transactions related to fake Indian currency notes (FICN)

Business Advantages with Amlock™

• Rapid implementation timeframe – within 10–12 weeks
• Supports multiple browsers and operating systems such as UNIX, AIX, MS Windows
• Product support includes any AML regulatory changes as a part of annual support
• Supports centralized multi-country implementations
• Supports multi-lingual and multi-currency interface

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