We are delighted to announce that Al Huraiz Est., a conglomerate in the UAE dealing in a wide range of industrial verticals, has gone live with our Orion™11j ERP suite.

A comprehensive ERP solution, Orion™11j meets the business needs of large conglomerates – including tracking & reporting, integrated document management, refining and expediting operations & finance processes.

Mr. Soman Tharakan, Sales Manager at Al Huraiz Est. said, “Looking to digitally advance and refine our business processes, Orion™11j came into the picture as a no-brainer. From better data accessibility to minimizing the entire process to a more condensed, integrated way of operating, we are looking forward to the business benefits and support Azentio Software’s Orion™ has to offer.”

Suryanarayan Kasichainula, President and Global Head – ERP Products Business at Azentio Software said, “We are pleased to be the choice of Al Huraiz Group as their ERP partner. Orion™11j’s suitability for local businesses in terms of regional conditions and regulatory needs like VAT, along with its ability to serve heterogeneous verticals guarantees a better way of conducting business for our clients.”

We are extremely honored to partner with Al Huraiz Est. on this exciting journey.