Founded over 20 years ago, this leading Brunei-based Islamic Insurer is recognized as a market leader in innovative Shariah-compliant products and services focusing on General Takaful or Non-Life Insurance lines of businesses. The Insurer provides a complete range of protection covers for corporate assets such as buildings, machinery, equipment, inventory goods, vessels, vehicles, and workers.


The existing front-end processes and solutions provided to the agents for non-motor general insurance policies were manual. This meant increased turnaround times and potential for errors. Another challenge that needed resolution was that the rates were not uniform as per client’s standards.

The lack of a digital front-end meant that agents did not have access to a quote system online, leading to a potential loss of business. With a clear growth agenda, these challenges needed to be resolved, in effect, improving turnaround times, error rates, improving standardizations, and overall digitisation.


The client is an existing user of Azentio’s globally acclaimed Insurance Solutions Suite and chose Azentio Insurance’s B2B Portal for agents to meet their current set of challenges.

The solution includes Quote Creations, Policy Servicing, Claims Requests and Status of Queries. It empowers the insurer’s agents by providing business boosting market information and managing critical agency relationships through e-policy issuance and personalization. With this solution, agents will now be able to issue endorsements, view commissions, and outstanding contributions with reduced fraudulent activities and faster turnaround time.

Azentio Insurance’s B2B Portal for agents ensures instant data access through key system integrations, efficient handling of voluminous transactions, ensuring faster responses from the Insurer to the agents. It also provides email notifications on key events, customer grievance redressal, and simplified commission management to improve overall quality of service and customer satisfaction.