A leading captive service provider for one of the most popular banks in India has upgraded to Orion11j to effectively digitize their business processes. The customer has had a mutually beneficial partnership with Orion™ for over a decade. Implementing Orion11j will help the customer to move to a completely web-based application. The solution will equip the customer with real-time reports and analytics to analyse business performance and take informed management decisions.

This upgrade provides integration with their existing 3rd party applications. Orion11j comes with real-time management of reports, management dashboards and online monitoring of KPIs. It also provides the much-required GST compliance to help the customer adhere to their domestic regulations.

Key Solutions Offered :

  • Finance & Accounts
  • GST & e-Invoicing
  • Fixed Asset & Depreciation Management
  • Procurement & Indent Management
  • API Integration with 3rd Party Payroll Application
  • MIS
  • KPI’s

About the customer :

The customer is a captive outsourcing setup providing manpower and training support to a leading banking group in India. The company specializes in all aspects of employee life cycle management starting with recruitment, compensation & benefit, training, payroll, performance management, compliance, attrition management and exit.